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Aline de Santa Izabel, MSc


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"Why do we keep eating food that makes us sick, instead of eating foods that enhance our health and wellbeing?"


With this question in mind, I kickstarted the development of YOGUT ME, a Swedish-based foodtech startup on a mission to make food better.  With a background in Microbiology and Bioengineering, I am using bioprocessing technology to create the next-gen of functional foods: foods that are healthy and sustainable, good for our health, our "gut bugs" and our planet.


 The YOGUT Smart Yogurt Machine is being developed with a team of experts to empower conscious consumers across the globe improving their health using the power of foods.


It's time for the GUT REVOLUTION. Are you ready?



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We believe in the power of food

We believe in a future where food will be personalized and functional. A future where food will be medicine and nutrition will be essential in preventive care. In this future there will be no hunger, and nutritious food will be available to all.


And this is the future that we are building with YOGUT.

We are creating an ecossystem to supply a range of innovative products for the lifestyle of the future.




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May 2019

ICA Buffe Magazine

May 2019

Dagens Nyheter

June 2019

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